The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessey

Queenie Hennessey

I have just finished reading this wonderful follow up to ‘The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry’ by Rachel Joyce.
I was lucky enough to meet Rachel last week and couldn’t believe that she hadn’t drafted this book whilst writing Harold Fry. It is a beautiful, moving, funny book about Queenie, the woman Harold walks to length of the country to see before she dies. We discover the reason behind her initial letter to Harold, and get to know Queenie in the way we got to know Harold over the course of the previous book.

I cannot recommend this strongly enough for all of you who enjoyed Harold Fry. This will make a perfect Christmas present for all those who read Harold Fry last year. We have some signed copies in the shop.

Books Are My Bag Author Board

BooksAreMyBag collage

Celebs in GX!

As many of you will know last Friday, Pointless hosts, Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman graced us with their presence here at the Gerrards Cross Bookshop and what an amazing lunchtime it was. You came out in full force to meet this comic duo and get your very own signed copies of The Very Pointless Quiz Book – here are a few pics from the day.

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Don’t forget, if you missed the signing or indeed, any other event, you can by signed copies here.

An Evening with Antony Beevor


Antony Beevor gave a fascinating talk on the Second World War last night, drawing upon the extensive research that formed the back bone of his book: The Second World War.

He spoke about the research process, suggesting that there is a certain numbness that comes with discovering such shocking and incalculable statistics of horror. In tune with this, he was sure to give a brutally honest account of some of his findings – implying that it is important not to ignore the horrors that are so potentially unbelievable.

Antony also touched upon the significance of unpublished journals and letters in determining the true feelings of civilians and soldiers just as all our historical speakers have talked about.

In focusing largely on the run up to 1939 and specifically the Japanese involvement in the war, Antony provided a unique insight into a topic that is so incredibly well covered. It was a delight to listen to and be educated by, someone so obviously passionate about his chosen topic.



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Chorleywood Bookshop on Sky News!!

Watch Sheryl talking about Super Thursdays on Sky News!

“Being in the army is about helping people”


Last night’s event was a real success. The General is such a great speaker and no one could praise highly enough the way the event was executed with an informal interview between the General and Robert Fox, correspondent for the Evening Standard, followed by some questions from the audience.

The pair had a great rapport and seemed to be enjoying the chat just as much as us!

The General talked about his 42 years in service, stating that he did not regret one day of it and that he maintains being in the army ‘is about helping people’.

He also spoke about his time working alongside David Cameron and his role as chief of the defence staff. He went on to give his honest and outspoken opinion of the current political-military situation and invited others to ask questions.

For such an incredibly serious subject topic it was such an entertaining evening filled with a lot of laughs. Testimony to this was the amount of people who left with ‘Taking Command’ in their arms.