An Evening with Antony Beevor

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Antony Beevor gave a fascinating talk on the Second World War last night, drawing upon the extensive research that formed the back bone of his book: The Second World War.

He spoke about the research process, suggesting that there is a certain numbness that comes with discovering such shocking and incalculable statistics of horror. In tune with this, he was sure to give a brutally honest account of some of his findings – implying that it is important not to ignore the horrors that are so potentially unbelievable.

Antony also touched upon the significance of unpublished journals and letters in determining the true feelings of civilians and soldiers just as all our historical speakers have talked about.

In focusing largely on the run up to 1939 and specifically the Japanese involvement in the war, Antony provided a unique insight into a topic that is so incredibly well covered. It was a delight to listen to and be educated by, someone so obviously passionate about his chosen topic.

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